Rule 201N–  General Rate Increase


Publication Date: 07/22/2009

Effective Date: 08/23/2009 unless otherwise indicated

Through Date:

Expiration Date:

Amendment Code: I, A

Special Use Number:

Request #: JACBROD96  



Except as otherwise provided for in individual rate items, Open Tariff and Service Contract rates for dry and refrigerated cargo will be subject to a General Rate Increase (GRI) effective August  23, 2009 for cargo moving between ports listed below. (I, A)

British Virgin Islands Ports (“BVI”): Tortola and Virgin Gorda

Windward Island Ports:  Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Trinidad, Dominica

Leeward Island Ports. Anguilla, Antigua, Nevis, St Kitts, and St. Maarten

South America Ports: Guyana

Dominican Republic Ports: Puerto Plata, Caucedo

20' equipment $50
40' X equipment $100
Ovr 40' equipment $113
VEH NE 700 cft $30.00
VEH > 700 cft $2.35
Breakbulk / ST/FT $2.35
cwt/cft $0.12/$0.06
Barrel (each) $.09
Pallet (each) $4.55