Publication Date: 10/20/2003

Effective Date: 10/20/2003

Through Date:

Expiration Date:

Amendment Code: C

Special Use Number:

Rule Documentation Services


Carrier, may at its option, perform any or all of the services listed below. Where such service are performed the following rates will apply.

From Canada to Foreign Ports Documentation (Preparation of Ocean Bill, Landing, B-13, and Caricom Invoice) $65.00
Bill of Lading Processing including (1) T & E Bond $30.00 Each
Bill of Lading Processing including (1) T & E Bond: U.S. Origin Shippers $35.00 Each
Bond Fee: LCL $60.00
Completion of Documents for Letter of Credit $50.00 
Preparation of Phyto Sanitary Certificate $30.00 
Ship's Mail (does not include bill of lading processing) $20.00
Preparation of Caricom Invoices $35.00 
Preparation of Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) $30.00 

Preparations T&E 2nd and/or more.

Sub Bills $10.00
Preparation of B-13 $25.00
Collating: (includes Bill of Lading, SED and Preparation of CTL invoices)

* Only applicable to Kerzner/Atlantis Project cargo.



Between Canada & Exuma Bahamas, Long Island Bahamas, Cat Island Bahamas, San Salvador, Bahamas


Collating $75.00 (A)
FCL Consolidation Documentation $125.00 (A)
Multi Tally

1 tally included w/BOL.

2 or more additional tallies at $5.00 each. Maximum of $125. (A)


*Exception: For all Northbound cargo that combines a FCL and LCL movement on requiring two bills of lading.  Only one bill of lading processing fee will be assessed against such shipment.