Publication Date: 05/28/2004

Effective Date: 05/28/2004

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Amendment Code: A

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Rule Documentation Services


Carrier, may at its option, perform any or all of the services listed below. Where such services are performed the following rates will apply:

Between Canada and Foreign Ports Documentation (Preparation of Ocean Bill of Lading, B-13, and Caricom invoice) $65.00
B/L Processing, including (1) T & E Bond  $30.00
Bond Fee: LCL $60.00
Completion of Documents for Letter of Credit $50.00 
Preparation of Phyto Sanitary Application $27.50
Commercial value greater than $1250.00: Forms PPQ 577, 578, & 579 $78.00 Each
Commercial value less than $1250.00: Form PPQ 577 and noncommercial shipment $51.00 Each
Preparation of Caricom Invoices $35.00 
Preparation of Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) $30.00 
Preparation of T & E : 3 or more $10.00 
Sub Bills $10.00
Preparation of B-13 $25.00
Heating Services $15.00 W/M                 (Minimum $15.00)
Messenger Service (when applicable) $25.00
Courier Service: (C) Local courier charge for same day delivery between Carrier's Montreal office and Montreal Island $10.00

Local courier charge for same day delivery between Carrier's Montreal office and Montreal Area Off- Island $14.00


Between Canada & Bermuda Bill of Lading Processing $35.00


Carrier will assess the following charges for legalizing documents as set forth by the following countries Consulates which are subject to change at

    the discretion of the Consulate.


    Charges are set forth by the Dominican Republic Consulate Charges are subject to change per the discretion of the Dominican Consulate.


    Legalization: $150.00 per shipment

    Consular Certificate: See Rule: Chamber of Commerce)

    Rapidito/Rush: See Rule (Optional same day service)

    Phyto Sanitary:    See above

    1. The legalization charge will cover up to a two-page consular. Should the consular exceed two pages, the second and each succeeding consular

        will be charged the $82.00.

    2. A "Courier" (same day service) charge on legalization, vehicle, certification, phyto sanitary and Bill of Lading. Bills of Lading must be presented

        with each consular document. See Item 17

    3. Carrier acts as an agent for above charges. Any changes to above will be effective upon filing per CFR 514.9 (20).

    4. Dominican Consulate will not legalize cargo valued under $1000.00. Charges assessed against the cargo movement other than specifically

        provided for herein will be for the account of the cargo.


When requested by the shipper, Carrier will buy, prepare and notarize a Certificate of Origin subject to the following charges:

Destination Charge
Dominican Republic $20.00


Courier for Consular Documents:

A $25.00 "Courier" (same day service) charge o legalization, vehicle, certification, Phyto Sanitary and Bill of Lading.  Bill of Lading must be presented with each consular document.


Consular Certificate (Chamber of Commerce)

When Carrier prepares a consular certificate, the following charge will apply. $68.00


Notary of Certificate of Origin:


When Carrier is only to Notorize the Certificate of Origin form supplied and completed by Customer, the following charge is to apply:

Destination Charge
Dominican Republic $10.00