Rule– Relief Shipments


Publication Date: 02/17/2005

Effective Date: 03/13/2005

Through Date:

Expiration Date:

Amendment Code: A, C

Special Use Number:

Request #: SPOHN  


(A, C) Carrier will provide a 10% discount on Base Ocean Freight for Shipments of Accredited Relief or Charitable Organizations.

(C) Any discounted bill of lading will be claused “For Relief Purposes, Not for Resale.” All applications for such discount must

be made in writing and are subject to approval by the Carrier prior to booking. (C)

1. Relief Shipments will apply only on emergency goods (i.e. food, clothing, medical supplies, etc.), and will not include shipments such as

rebuilding / restocking supplies.

2. All request must be submitted in writing to the appropriate Trade Lane responsible for the destination port seeking the relief. The written

request must provide the name, address, telephone and fax numbers of the requesting bonafide relief agency; the agency’s or organization’s

tax exempt number, if applicable; the specific request (i.e. type and amount of cargo, which island name, address and telephone number of

consignee, etc.) and the name of the person making the request.


3. The shipment must be shipped by a non-profit agency or organization or consigned to an non-profit agency or organization in the destination port.

4. All cargo is subject to the terms and conditions of this tariff.

Not applicable to cargo moving under Service Contract.