Rule 1: Scope

Rule 1.200: Cargo Receive Locations

Rule 2.000: Application of Rates & Charges

Rule 2.001: Force Majeure

Rule 2.010: Advertising Matter

Rule 2.011: All Inclusive

Rule 2.012: Arrival Notice & Undelivered Freight

Rule 2.014: Cargo Declaration

Rule 2.015: Carrier's Liability

Rule 2.017: Shipments Requiring Multiple Bills of Lading

Rule 2.019: Description of Services

Rule 2.020: Diversion or Reconsignment

Rule 2.021: Filing Loss or Damage Claims

Rule 2.022: Fractional Measurements

Rule 2.023: Freight All Kinds

Rule 2.025: Items of International Trade

Rule 2.026: Limitation of Service

Rule 2.027: Marine Cargo Insurance

Rule 2.028: Marking of Packages

Rule 2.029: Mis-delivery of Cargo

Rule 2.030: Mixed Shipment

Rule 2.032: Overflow

Rule 2.033: Packaging

Rule 2.034: Guaranteed-to-Go

Rule 2.037: Payment on Delivery Service

Rule 2.038: Pre-Palletized Cargo

Rule 2.040: Prohibited or Restricted Articles

Rule 2.041: Quotation of Estimate Charges

Rule 2.042: Rate Application for Specific Commodities

Rule 2.043: Handling of Cargo and Equipment under Refrigeration or Controlled Temperature

Rule 2.044: Refused or Unclaimed Cargo

Rule 2.045: Shipments in Bulk other than Liquid

Rule 2.046: Shipping Receipts

Rule 2.048: Substitution of Equipment

Rule 2.049: Freight Rate Conversion

Rule 2.050: Relief Shipments

Rule 2.051: Acceptance and Carriage of Shipper Owned Equipment

Rule 2.101: Documentation Services

Rule 2.117: Employee Shipment

Rule 2.133: Customs Clearance Services

Rule 2.134: Vehicle Processing Charge

Rule 2.138: Cayman Island Export Stamp Fee

Rule 2.200: Maximum Ocean Freight Charges

Rule 3: Rate Applicability Rule

Rule 5: Rating of Over Dimensional Cargo

Rule 6: Minimum Bill of Lading

Rule 7: Payment of Freight Charges

Rule 7.010: Advancement of Charges

Rule 8: Bill(s) of Lading

Rule 8a: Stowaways and Contraband

Rule 9: Freight Forwarder Compensation

Rule 10.0: Inland Transportation Services

Rule 10.001: Inland Transportation: Additional Services

Rule 10.010: Bunker Surcharge

Rule 10.012: Currency Adjustment Factor

Rule 10.021: Flatrack Securing

Rule 10.025: Special Equipment Surcharge

Rule 10.026: Trans-fresh Surcharge

Rule 10.028: Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Surcharge

Rule 10.029: Foreign Origin or Destination Port Surcharge

Rule 10.030: Northbound Commercial/Non-Commercial Clearance Charge

Rule 10.031: Weight Scale Ticket Charge

Rule 10.032: Grand Cayman Northbound Port Charge 

Rule 10.034b: Northbound Cayman Islands Surcharge

Rule 10.035: Hazardous Cargo Surcharge

Rule 10.037: Peak Season Surcharge

Rule 10.038a: Chassis Maintenance Surcharge

Rule 10.039: Chassis Use Surcharge

Rule 10.040: Dominican Republic Local Recovery Surcharge

Rule 10.042: Protective Liners for Containers

Rule 10.043: Overweight Equipment Surcharge

Rule 10.045: Cargo Cess

Rule 10.048: Outbound Cargo Dues Charge

Rule 10.050: US Port Security Surcharge

Rule 10.050b: Destination Port Security Surcharge

Rule 10.052:  Road Tax

Rule 10.052a: Container Tax Fee

Rule 10.057:  Household Goods Provisional Entry Surcharge

Rule 10.058: Port Congestion Surcharge

Rule 10.059: Harbour Dues

Rule 10.060: Intermodal Operation Surcharge

Rule 10.061: Inland Fuel Surcharge

Rule 10.062: Crane Usage Surcharge

Rule 10.063: Dominica VAT Recovery Surcharge

Rule 10.064: Tug Service Surcharge

Rule 10.065: Bahamas Government Value Added Tax (VAT)

Rule 10.066: Interchange Service Fee

Rule 10.067: Destination Container Storage Recovery Fee

Rule 10.068: Nautical Accessibility Charge

Rule 10.069  Operational Service Viability Surcharge

Rule 10.070: Inland Operations Surcharge

Rule 10.071: St. Lucia NB Recovery Fee

Rule 11: Minimum Quantity Rates

Rule 12: Ad Valorem Rates

Rule 13: Trans-Shipment

Rule 14: Centralized Examination Station (CES) Government Charges

Rule 16: Hazardous Cargo

Rule 18: Returned Cargo in Foreign Commerce

Rule 19: Shipper's Requests in Foreign Commerce

Rule 20: Overcharge Claims

Rule 21: Detention/Demurrage

Rule 21.010: Control & Exclusive Use of Containers

Rule 21.012: Removal of Carrier's Containers/Trailers

Rule 21.013: Responsibility of Carrier's Equipment

Rule 21.014: Shipments in Carrier's/Shipper's Containers

Rule 21.020: Rolled Cargo Surcharge

Rule 23: Storage (Carrier's Terminal Rules & Charges)

Rule 23.001: Special Handling

Rule 23.016: Carrier Loaded (C/L) Handling Charges

Rule 23.017: Container Port Usage Charge (BVI)

Rule 23.023: Landing (Destination Terminal Handling Charge: DTHC )

Rule 23.026: Northbound Carrier: Unloaded Landing Charge

Rule 23.028: Re-Handling, In & Out Handling, Sorting & Back Loading

Rule 23.029: Handling (Origin Terminal Handling Charge: OTHC)

Rule 23.030: Shipments of  LCL Cargo Requiring Flatrack Equipment

Rule 23.042: Late Gate Surcharge

Rule 23.047: Wharfage Charges

Rule 23.052: GBI Surcharge

Rule 23.053: Wood Packaging Materials

Rule 23.055: Packaging Materials

Rule 25: Certification of Shipper's Status In Foreign Commerce

Rule 26: Time/Volume Rates in Foreign Commerce

Rule 28: Definitions

Rule 29: Symbols

Rule 30: Access to Tariff Information

Rule 33: Project Rates

Rule 40: Terminal Inspection Charge

Rule 50: Hurricane Relief

Rule 100: Intermodal Safe Container Act

Rule  General Rate Increase, General Rate Decrease



Alternate Names:


Extra Length, Width, Height

Out of Gauge

Reefer Maintenance

Christmas Tree Deposit

Trans-fresh Surcharge