Rule 9 Freight Forwarder Compensation


Publication Date: 05/15/2020

Effective Date: 06/14/2020 unless otherwise indicated

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Expiration Date:

Amendment Code: E

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Request #: TOMJONE320



(E) Expires 06/14/2020


1.    The Carrier will compensate licensed Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (Freight Forwarder) in connection with a shipment

dispatched on behalf of others. Compensation will only be paid once the Ocean Transportation Intermediary has certified

in writing that it holds a valid license and has performed the following services:  


      (A) Engaged, booked, secured, reserved, or contracted directly with the Carrier or its agent for space aboard a vessel or

          confirmed the availability of that space.  


      (B) Prepared and processed the ocean bill of lading, dock receipt, or other similar document with respect to the shipment.   


2.    Freight Forwarder must be licensed with the Federal Maritime Commission under Section 19(a) of the Shipping Act 1984.


3.    Commission will not be paid on shipments made in the name of a freight forwarder unless followed by the word "Agent" and the name

       of the principal disclosed to the Carrier in writing prior to issuance of the Bill of Lading.  


4.   Only one payment will be issued per shipment.


5.    Commission will only be payable for exports from the US; commission is not applicable on import shipments to the US.  

        Exception: Commission will be applicable on import shipments into the U.S. from Providenciales (I, C, E) Effective 06/30/2011 (E) Expire 09/30/2011


6.    Commission will not be paid when Forwarder's account with the Carrier is in arrears. Payment will be issued only when

       account is current.


Compensation will be paid as follows:

     Ocean Port to Ocean Port  (OO)

         Door or Rail to Ocean Port (DO or RO)


 Cargo Type





All Ports

All Cargo


Ocean Freight


Ocean Freight