Rule 7.010 Advancement of Charges


Publication Date: 05/30/2001

Effective Date: 06/24/2001

Through Date:

Expiration Date:

Amendment Code: C

Special Use Number:


Cayman Islands only:  This rule will be effective as of 6/24/2001 all other ports will be effective 6/17/2001.


Carrier will not advance any charges, unless otherwise specified in this tariff. A Service Charge of 15% of the amount advanced, subject to a minimum of $10.00 per Bill of Lading shall be applied on all advances except Inland Transportation arranged by the Carrier. 


A.    Drayage/Inland Transportation - When Carrier is requested to arrange for the Inland Transportation on behalf of the Shipper or Consignee, Carrier may advance the Inland Freight Charges. Also upon request by Inland Common Carriers, Carrier may advance charges for Inland Freight for their account.


B.    Packing, Crating, & Storage - Upon request by licensed Warehouses and/or Packing & Crating Companies, Carrier may advance charges for packing, crating, or storage services for their account.


C.    Freight Forwarder Charges (PBA's) - Upon request by licensed Freight Forwarders, Carrier may advance charges for their account, however, Carrier does not accept liability for collection of these charges.


Carrier will not collect undercharges, refund any portions of the sums advanced under the Rule or otherwise adjust the charges advanced under this Rule.


Carrier is not acting as a collection agent and is not responsible for advanced Charges for which an Invoice or Master Bill of Lading is not presented to Carrier at time of sailing. Carrier reserves the right to refuse to advance any and all of the charges referred to in this Rule, if in its judgement, the shipment would not, at forced sale, realize the total amount of the advanced and other charges on the Bill of Lading.