Rule 23.028 Rehandling, In and Out Handling, Sorting and Backloading



Publication Date: 06/17/2003

Effective Date: 07/20/2003

Through Date:

Expiration Date:

Amendment Code: A

Special Use Number:

In and Out Handling (C)

If a Shipper tenders cargo to the Carrier whereby the Carrier or Carrier's Agent issues a cargo receipt and at a subsequent time the Shipper requests the cargo to be returned without exporting, then the Carrier will charge an In and Out Handling service fee as follows: 

CWT/CFT  $1.00/$.38 (Minimum $30.00) *whichever is greater
Loose Cargo $15.00 (W/M) (Minimum $20.00
Vehicles/Boats $50 each 
20' Container $225 
40' X Container $315 (A)
>40' X Container $355 (A)

Securing of Freight

When cargo is tendered to the Carrier or Carrier's Agent in a condition that will require what Carrier determines to be additional blocking, bracing, stacking or other means to more adequately secure the freight for safe transit, then the Carrier will charge $35 per piece of cargo so secured.

Sorting and Segregating

When cargo tendered to Carrier or Carrier's Agent requires sorting or segregating of mixed packages for different shipments to assemble or dissemble the packages into or from one shipment then the Carrier will charge a handling service fee of $0.38 per CFT or $1.00 per 100 pounds, whichever is the greater charge, subject to a minimum charge of $20.00.

Enhanced Export Packing

When a Shipper tenders cargo to the Carrier or Carrier's Agent with what Carrier determines is insufficient packing to ensure safe transport and the Carrier adds additional packaging such as corrugated cardboard, corner or edge guards, shrink-wrap or other material to further protect the cargo, then the Carrier will charge $0.38 per CFT subject to a minimum charge of $25.00 per piece of cargo secured.

Backloading Services

Under conditions outlined below, Carrier or Carrier's Agent may provide a backloading service for shipper loaded full containers at its designated facility. Carrier will charge $0.38 per cubic foot of cargo backloaded into a shipper loaded full container subject to a $100 minimum charge. If Carrier or Carrier's Agent provides the drayage to the Carrier designated backloading facility then a Trucking Stop Off charge of $50.00 will be assessed in addition to the drayage rate from point of origin to port of loading.

This service is only available

1. When the Shipper requests, in writing, the Carrier or Carrier's Agent to provide a backloading service and the Shipper executes a properly endorsed Backloading Agreement.

2. When the cargo to be backloaded is available at the Carrier's or Carrier's Agent designated facility in time to meet the Carrier established cut-offs for the scheduled booking.

3. For non-bonded, non-hazardous cargo.

Copies of the Backloading Agreement will be made available upon written request to the Carrier.