Rule 21.010 Control and Exclusive Use of Containers



Publication Date: 04/01/1999

Effective Date: 05/01/1999

Through Date:

Expiration Date:

Amendment Code: I

Special Use Number:


A. Control of Containers:

Except as provided in Part B of this item, or in individual rate items, no shipment is entitled to the exclusive use of the container in which it is to be transported. The Carrier has control of the container and the unrestricted right to:


    1. Select the container(s) for the transportation of a shipment.

    2. Transfer the shipment to other containers, and

    3. To load other freight in the same container with any such shipment.


B. Exclusive Use of Containers:

Exclusive use of containers will be assigned for the transportation of single shipments even though the maximum capacity is not utilized when:


    1. It is requested by the Shipper or his Agent.

    2. Due to insufficient packaging or due to the nature of the cargo loaded in the trailer that it precludes loading    

    with other cargo.

    3. The container is loaded to 80% or more of the full visible capacity of the container (see Note).

    4. The container is Shipper's load, stow, and count as provided elsewhere.


***Note: The term "full visible capacity" shall be understood to mean that the trailer shall be loaded as the character of the freight and other conditions permit, so that no more of the same type of freight can be loaded therein consistent with safety precautions against damage.


C. Multiple Bills of Lading for One Container:


When a Shipper requests exclusive use and more than one Bill of Lading is issued to cover the contents of a single container, such Bills of Lading shall be numbered in sequence as one of the total number of Bills of Lading which together shall cover the total contents of said container and each Bill of Lading shall apply the following statement: "This instrument is one of a series of...each covering a part of the cost of the above identified container; all... instruments to be surrendered in order to obtain delivery of said container; container for all purposes constituting on package; limitation of Carrier's liability as provided on reverse hereof and agreed to by Shipper applies to the entire contents of said containers as one package."


Whenever container is given exclusive use at Shipper's request, the full containerload rates shall apply. When LTL cargo, due to it's inherent nature, cannot be mixed or combined with other LTL cargo, exclusive use of a container shall be given to the cargo and the full containerload rates shall be applied.