Rule 2.049 – Freight Rate Conversion


Publication Date11/30/2007

Effective Date: 11/30/2007

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Amendment Code: C

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Matter below has been transferred from Rule 2.048 Effective 11/30/2007



Unless otherwise provided for by specified rate in Carrier’s tariff, the following rule can be applied for creating rates on equipment greater than 40’.  Any cargo booked for 45’ equipment is subject to equipment availability, Carrier’s acceptance and Carrier’s ability to carry at origin and destination.  Assessorials used will be for greater than 40’; in the absence of greater than 40’ assessorials, apply the same conversion formula to the existing assessorial.


Applies between the Continental United States and the following:






40’ Rate to 45’ Rate (Dry Container)

Applicable rate + (plus) 22% of 40X

Base Ocean Freight , to nearest $10

Dominican  Republic

Cayman Islands

40' Rate to 45' Rate (Dry Container)

Applicable rate + (plus) 12.5% of the 40X Base Ocean Freight  to nearest $10