Publication Date: 04/01/1999

Effective Date: 05/01/1999

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Amendment Code: I

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Rule 2.045 - Shipments in bulk other than Liquid



Shipments in bulk are defined as such commodities which must be shoveled, scooped, poured, or pumped in the handling thereof and carried without mark or count.


Rates published herein which are applicable on shipments in packages or in the absence of any packaging requirements will also apply on shipments in bulk, in dry van containers.


Shipments in bulk will be accepted subject to the following conditions:


    1. Shipper to load and Consignee to unload Carrier's container/trailer.


    2. Carrier's liability will be limited to $500.00 per container/trailer.


    3. Carrier assumes NO liability for product contamination.


    4. Containerload rates and minimum weight will apply. Shipments rated under any quantity rates will be subject to

    a minimum of 40,000 lbs. at the applicable rate per 2,000 lbs.


    5. Shipments in dry van containers loaded in plastic liner bag will be subject to the following additional provisions:

        a. Shipper must furnish and install plastic bag liner at Shipper's expense.

        b. Carrier assumes NO liability for breakage of plastic liner bag.