Publication Date: 04/01/1999

Effective Date: 05/01/1999

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Expiration Date:

Amendment Code: I

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Rule 2.038 Prepalletized Cargo


Except as otherwise provided in this rule, the general rule and conditions set forth in this tariff are applicable to pre-palletized cargo.

Dock receipts and Bills of Lading will acknowledge receipt of a given number of pallets. Unless otherwise provided for in individual tariff items, the minimum acceptable pallet dimensions are: 32"x40" (2'8" x 3'4").


Pre-palletized cargo shall consist of packaged cargo that has been securely affixed both top and bottom and covering the surface of pallets prior to delivery to the Carrier's Terminal.


The pallets must conform to the following regulations:

    1.    Suitable for handling by mechanical equipment. (Pallet shall consist of a flat double-faced portable platform of

            sufficient construction and strength to sustain the load placed there on, and to be suitable for mechanical


    2.     Gross weight of the cargo/pallet shall not be greater than 1,500 lbs. per pallet.

    3.    All surfaces must be reasonably flat, top surface reasonably level as well squared on all four sides to resemble

            a smooth block, so block stowage can be accomplished.

    4.    Cargo placed on pallets by Carrier will be charged for actual gross weight or measurement of the cargo, not

            including weight or measurement of the pallets themselves, at the applicable rate(s) provided in this tariff.

    5.    Cargo received by Carrier from Shippers/Suppliers shrink-wrapped and palletized will be charged for actual

            gross weight or measurement including W/M of the pallets themselves, unless shrink-wrapped pallets are

            broken down for shipping.

    6.    The unit load must be of sufficient strength for handling and movement during loading and discharging to

            protect the cargo when stowed with other cargo during the voyage and to permit stacking three pallets high

            without distortion or damage.