Publication Date: 04/01/1999

Effective Date: 05/01/1999

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Expiration Date:

Amendment Code: I

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Rule 2.037 Payment on Delivery Service



Carrier will provide Payment on Delivery "P.O.D." Service to Consignees pursuant to the following terms and conditions:


1.    Consignee may appoint Carrier's Agent, Birdsall, Inc., as its agent (hereinafter "Payment Agent") for receipt and

       payment of goods delivered to Carrier's less-than-container-load facilities at Riviera Beach and/or Opa Locka, FL

       which goods shall be transported by Carrier under the rates, rules and conditions of service in this tariff.

2.    Consignee will give prior written notice of its intention to use the P.O.D. Service by completing the P.O.D. Form

       and tendering it to the Carrier. Consignee may obtain P.O.D. Forms at Carrier's office. Each request for P.O.D.

       Service shall be for a single supplier making a single delivery and shall not exceed U.S. $5,000. P.O.D. Service

       shall not be available for vehicles or boats, new or used. A P.O.D. may not be used for payment of amounts due

       on shipments previously made to Consignee.

3.    Charges for the P.O.D. Service shall be as follows:

       a. If Consignee deposits funds with the Carrier in advance of delivery of the shipment covered by the P.O.D.

           Form, Consignee shall pay a fee of 5% of the total invoice price of the shipment, with a minimum charge of


       b. If Payment Agent advances the funds on behalf of the Consignee, the Consignee shall pay a fee of 10% of the

           total invoice price of the shipment, with a minimum charge of $50.00. If funds are advanced by the Payment

           Agent, such funds shall included on Carrier's Bill of Lading/freight invoice and all charges, including ocean

           transportation, shall be paid prior to release of the shipment at destination.

4.    Neither the Carrier nor the Payment Agent shall take or be deemed to have taken ownership or title to any

       shipment under the P.O.D. Service. Neither the Carrier nor the Payment Agent makes, gives, or is in any way

       responsible for any warranties with respect to the goods shipped, including, but not limited to, warranties relating

       to quality, merchantability and/or suitability.