Publication Date: 04/01/1999

Effective Date: 05/01/1999

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Amendment Code: I

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Rule 2.030 - Mixed Shipment


When two or more commodities, each of which bear a different rate, are tendered to the Carrier as one shipment on one Bill of Lading, the Carrier will pro-rate the ocean freight at the rates applicable on each commodity in the container according to the percentage each commodity represents by weight.

The following provisions will apply:


1.    Except as provided in (3) below, if individual weight of each different rated commodity are not furnished the Carrier

        in writing by Shipper, the entire shipment shall be assessed the rate for the highest rate article in the mixture

        subject to its specified minimum, if any.

2.    Except as provided in (3) below, if individual weight of each different rated commodity are furnished to the Carrier

        in writing by Shipper, each commodity shall be assessed at the rate specified at its actual weight or cubic feet,

        as freighted.

3.    When articles or commodities taking different freight rates are packed in one shipping package, they will be

        subject to the freight rate applicable to the highest rated article or commodity in the package.

4.    Dry cargo placed in a refrigerated/controlled temperature unit will not be pro-rated to the applicable dry cargo

        commodity rates. In all cases, dry cargo in a refrigerated/controlled temperature container will be rated as

        Chilled, N.O.S. or Frozen, N.O.S. depending on the temperature of the unit.

        EXCEPTION: Dry groceries containing 30% or more by volume in chilled 20' containers to Tortola.

5.    This rule applies to mixed container-loads of three (3) or less commodities. container-load cargo containing more

        than three (3) commodities shall be rated as F.A.K., see Rule 2.023 "Freight All Kinds".


***Exception: Mixed container-loads containing eighty percent (80%) or more by weight of one single commodity on

    which container-load rates are named herein will be rated at the container-load rate applicable to the commodity

    comprising the 80%. For purposes of multiple container rates published in this tariff, the 80/20 rule applies per

    shipment on dry cargo only.


Example of Pro-rating by Weight:


15,000 lbs.     widgets @ $2,000 per 20' container.

10,000 lbs.     gadgets @ $2,500 per 20' container.


25,000 lbs. Total


Freight Calculation:

15000# / 25000# x $2,000 = $1,200.00

10000# / 25000# x $2,500 = $1,000.00


Total pro-rated freight charge $2,200.00