Publication Date: 04/01/1999

Effective Date: 05/01/1999

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Amendment Code: I

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Rule 2.029 Misdelivery of Cargo



Carrier will not be responsible for mis-delivery of cargo if Customs, absent Tropical's consent, allows the release of cargo without Carrier and Customs each receiving an original Bill of Lading. Carrier will allow the release of cargo without presentment to Carrier of an original Bill of Lading upon (a) receipt by Carrier of a bond or bank guaranty for 110% of the CIF value if known, or (b) if one original of a Bill of Lading is available, providing Carrier opportunity to review the original Bill of Lading before presentment to Customs and a sworn statement as to the validity of the Bill of Lading and the unavailability of the other original Bills of Lading.