Publication Date: 04/01/1999

Effective Date: 05/01/1999

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Amendment Code: I

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Rule 2.028 Marking of Packages



*** Applicable on LTL and Breakbulk cargo only ***


It is the Shipper's responsibility that all packages are properly marked. Marks must correspond to particulars on Bill of Lading.


All packages accepted on a LTL or Breakbulk basis must be marked durably and legibly, and must show the port of destination. In all cases, packages must be marked in accordance with the Carrier's long form of Bill of Lading.


At the Carrier's option, unmarked or improperly marked cargo may be:

    1. Refused.

    2. Marked at Shipper's expense.

    3. Redelivered to the Shipper at their expense.

    4. Held at the Carrier's terminal pending proper marking by the Shipper or his Agent.


***Note: Holding of cargo at the Carrier's terminal is subject to all conditions as outlined in Rule 23 "Carrier's Terminal Rules and Charges".