Publication Date: 10/14/1999

Effective Date: 10/14/1999

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Amendment Code: R, C

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Rule 2.017 Shipments Requiring Multiple Bills of Lading



 Application of Trailer/Container load rates on shipments requiring Multiple Bills of Lading: 


Except as otherwise provided, a shipment moving from one Shipper at one point of origin at one time for delivery to one Consignee at one point of destination at one time loaded in a single trailer, but moving on two or more Bills of Lading, will be rated, for the purpose of applying charges, on the same basis as if it were moving under a single Bill of Lading and the charges prorated to the individual Bills of Lading based on weight or measure contained on each Bill of Lading, subject to Rule 6 "Minimum Bill of Lading Charges" for  each.  On shipments subject to lump-sum rates the charges will be distributed over the multiple Bills of Lading. 




Nassau and Freeport:

When Shipper/Consignee requests a full load container with more than one Consignee, the following will be observed:


    1. A separate Bill of Lading will be issued for each Consignee.            

    2. Collating charges will be assessed for each Bill of Lading produced.            

    3. The cargo will be prorated on the weight of each shipment  (Ocean freight and accessorials).            

    4. In addition to the ocean freight, a 10% stripping charge will be assessed based on the prorated net ocean freight

        and added to each Bill of Lading, except reefer cargo.            

    5. Bills of Lading will be claused "House to Pier" and shown as part of a 1 x 20' or 1 x 40' container.