Publication Date: 04/21/2014

Effective Date: 04/21/2014

Through Date:

Expiration Date:

Amendment Code: C

Special Use Number:

The following Rules have been expired - as shown by (E);  or matter has been transferred to other Rules:


Rule 2.013:  Bill of Lading Commodity Description (E)

Rule 2.024:  Improper Stow of Cargo by Carrier

Rule 2.031:  Northbound Cargo (E)

Rule 2.036:  Parts Rule


Rule 2.039:  Prior Booking Arrangement (E)

Rule 2.114: Customs Clearance for Out of Gauge Vehicles

Rule 2.118:  Excess Weight

Rule 2.123:  Northbound Cleaning Services (E)

Rule 2.132:  Security Deposit (E)

Rule 2.140:  Canadian B-13 Stamp Fee

Rule 4:          Heavy Lift (E)


Rule 10.011: Low Sulfur Fuel Surcharge  (E)

Rule 10.013: Dual Temperature Surcharge

Rule 10.017:  Local Drayage for Government Inspection

Rule 10.019:  Refrigerated/Controlled Temperature Maintenance Surcharge

Rule 10.020:  Shipments of Cargo in Trucks & Vans (E)

Rule 10.022:  Visqueen

Rule 10.023:  Banding and Visqueen

Rule 10.029:  Barbados Premium Berthing Surcharge

Rule 10.033:  Grand Cayman Northbound Heavy Lift Charge (E)


Rule 10.035a: Intermodal Hazardous Materials Surcharge

Rule 10.041:   Collapsed Flatrack Post(s) Surcharge

Rule 10.044:   Postless Flatrack Surcharge

Rule 10.051:   Dominican Republic Arbitraries

Rule 10.053:   Marsh Harbour Port Surcharge

Rule 10.054:   Arbitraries & Port Equalizations

Rule 10.054a:  Port Equalization (E)

Rule 10.054b:   Arbitraries 

 Rule 10.054c:  Jacksonville Pickup or Delivery

Rule 10.054d: Local Cartage

Rule 10.054f: Rail to Truck Surcharge (E)

Rule 10.054g:  Puerto Rico Arbitraries

Rule 21.011:  Refrigeration Containers

Rule 23.019:  Fumigation (E)

Rule 23.020:  Government Inspection - Unloading and Reloading- Full Load

Rule 23.022:  Handling Cargo After Departure (E)

Rule 23.039:   Special Handling Unload and Reload Import

Rule 23.044:  Vehicles in Running Condition / Fail to Start

Rule 23.049:  Government Inspection - Unloading and Reloading LTL

Rule 23.050:  Government Inspection - Storage

Rule 23.051:  Submission of Cargo Declaration Data (E)

Rule 50:  Hurricane Relief (E)

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