Rule 1.0 Geographic Scope

Rule 1.2 Cargo Receive Locations

Rule 2.0 Application of Rates and Charges

Rule 2.1 Rate Applicability

Rule 2.2 Currency

Rule 2.3 Rate Basis 

Rule 2.4 Description of Services

Rule 2.5 Limitation of Service

Rule 2.6 Prohibited or Restricted Articles

Rule 2.7 Quotation of Estimated Charges

Rule 2.8 Shipments in Bulk other than Liquid

Rule 2.9 Force Majeure

Rule 2.10 Exclusion of Other Charges

Rule 2.11 Carrier’s Right to Substitute Equipment 

Rule 2.12 Rating Cargo Using Commodity Descriptions

Rule 2.13 Rating Shipments Containing Multiple Commodities

Rule 2.14 Use of Freight All Kinds Commodity Description

Rule 2.15 Use of Items of International Trade Commodity Description

Rule 2.16 Use of Cargo NOS Commodity Description
Rule 2.17 Rating Parts of Commodities

Rule 2.18 Rating Advertising Matter Shipped with Commodities

Rule 2.19 No Guarantee of Stow for Carrier Loading; Rating Overflow Cargo Caused by Improper Stowing of Cargo by Carrier

Rule 2.20 Rating Shipments Requiring Multiple Bills of Lading

Rule 2.21 Issuing Multiple Bills of Lading for One Container

Rule 2.22 Rating Exclusive Use Containers

Rule 2.23 Marine Cargo Insurance 

Rule 2.24 Guaranteed-to-Go

Rule 2.25 Application of Discount for Relief Cargo

Rule 2.26 Application of Employee Shipment Discount

Rule 2.27 Diversion or Reconsignment of Shipment 

Rule 2.28 Advancement of Third Party Charges on Carrier's Bill of Lading (Invoice)

Rule 2.29 Notice Required to Merge/Combine LCL Shipments into One Shipment

Rule 2.30 Applying Rates for A Shipment with Multiple Bases

Rule 2.31 Hazardous Cargo

Rule 2.32 Carrier's Use of Empty Shipper Owned Equipment

Rule 2.33 Shipper’s Requirement to Submit Shipment Information

Rule 2.34 Use of Carrier Equipment

Rule 2.35 Shipper/Consignee to Hold Harmless Carrier for Equipment Under ItsControl

Rule 2.36 Shipper/Consignee’s Responsibility for Shipper Loaded Containers

Rule 2.37 Shipper’s Requirement to Properly Mark Packages

Rule 2.38 Shipper’s Liability for Late Presentation of Export Documentation

Rule 2.39 Prior Booking Arrangement

Rule 2.40 Payment on Delivery Services

Rule 2.41 Carrier to Provide Arrival Notice

Rule 2.42 Carrier’s Right to Provide Exclusive Use Containers  

Rule 2.43 Carrier’s Responsibility for Refrigerated Containers

Rule 2.44 Carrier’s Responsibility for Misdelivery of Cargo

Rule 2.45 Carrier’s Responsibility for  Refused or Unclaimed Cargo

Rule 2.46 Carrier’s Right to Approve Inland Motor Carriers

Rule 2.47 Provisions of Carrier's Bill of Lading

Rule 2.48 Stowaways and Contraband

Rule 2.49 Freight Rate Conversion

Rule 2.50 Overweight Equipment Surcharge

Rule 3.0 Inland Transportation Services

Rule 3.1 Inland Transportation: Additional Services

Rule 3.2 Inland Fuel Surcharge

Rule 3.3 Origin Handling Charges

Rule 3.4 Carrier Loaded Handling Charges

Rule 3.5 Destination Terminal Landing Charges

Rule 3.6 Special Equipment Charges and Flatrack Securing 

Rule 3.7 Bunker Fuel Surcharge

Rule 3.8 Extra Length, Width or Height charges

Rule 3.9 Refrigerated Container Charges

Rule 3.10 Peak Season Surcharge

Rule 3.11 Government Inspection Charges

Rule 3.12 US Security Charge

Rule 3.13  Reefer Plug in Charge

Rule 3.14  Operational Service Viability Surcharge

Rule 4.0 Documentation Services

Rule 4.1 Charge for Customs Clearance Vehicles

Rule 5.0 Maximum Freight Charges per Dry Cargo Shipment

Rule 5.1 Minimum Freight Charges

Rule 6.0 Freight Forwarder’s Commission/Compensation

Rule 7.0 Payment of Freight Charges-Credit

Rule 8.0 Detention/Demurrage (Use of Carrier's Equipment)

Rule 8.1 Storage (Carrier Terminal Rules and Charges)

Rule 8.9 Christmas Trees - Equipment Deposit

Rule 9.0 Definitions & Symbols

Rule 10.0 General Rate Increase

Rule 10.070: Inland Operations Surcharge

Rule 11.0 Time Volume Rate  

Rule 12.0 Special Handling

Rule 13: Terminal Inspection Surcharge

Rule 14: Peak Season Surcharge

Rule 15: Rehandling; In and Out Handling; Sorting and Bacloading

Rule 17: Verified Gross Mass

Rule 18: Chassis Use Surcharge

Rule 19: Late Gate Surcharge

Rule 20: Rolled Cargo Surcharge

Rule 21: Packaging Materials