Rule 8.1: Storage (Carrier Terminal Rules & Charges)



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Revision Number Published Date Effective Date Comments
10th Revision 05/10/2022 06/12/2022 Expire
9th Revision 03/04/2022 04/03/2022 Initial Matter, Increase, Expire
8th Revision 11/01/2019 12/01/2021 Clerical, Expire
7th Revision 08/31/2018 09/9/2018 Storage charges at US Railroad Terminals
6th Revision 06/20/2017 06/20/2017 Clerical
5th Revision 05/13/2016 05/22/2016 Clerical
4th Revision 12/18/2015 12/18/2015 Clerical, Reduction
3rd Revision 04/20/2011 04/28/2011 Update to reflect charges within the US for FCL (Reefer and Dry) , Vehicles, Boats, Breakbulk, and Rolling Stock Imports. 
2nd Revision 01/06/2009 01/13/2009 Update Free time for lcl imports (STC only) withing the USVI.
1st Revision 09/11/2008 09/21/2008 Add Charges for Vehicles, Boats, BB within the United States
Original 3/1/2008 3/1/2008