Rule 2.50: Overweight Equipment Surcharge


Publication Date: 06/30/2011

Effective Date: 06/30/2011 (unless otherwise specified)

Through Date:

Expiration Date:

Amendment Code: C

Special Use Number:

Request #: Revision: 1



 All cargo and equipment is subject to being weighed.  In the event a Shipper Loaded shipment (cargo and equipment) exceeds the lower of (a) Maximum Payload plus Tare weight of equipment as stated on the equipment CSC plate, or (b) 70,000 pounds, or (c) equipment specifications outlined on Carrier's website, or (d) exceptions otherwise stated within this Rule below; the Shipper (or Consignee for freight collect shipments) shall be contacted and shall select the following options:


1.    The entire shipment is returned to Shipper (or its designated facility) to be reworked at its cost, subject to drayage charges, if applicable.  


2.    Carrier will transfer the overweight portion of the shipment to another exclusive use equipment, and will charge the following for such portion:  

    a.     A Carrier Handling Charge of $250 per 20’ or 40’ container,  

    b.     An Ocean Freight Charge of $250 per 2000 lbs. or any portion thereof, and  

    c.     All applicable Shipper loaded assessorial charges for the equipment onto which the cargo is loaded (Handling, Landing, Bunker Surcharge, etc.).  


3.    Where Carrier or its affiliated companies offer less-than-containerload service for such cargo, Carrier will unload the overweight portion of the shipment, and it shall move in non-exclusive equipment pursuant to Carrier’s or affiliated companies’ published tariffs (or applicable service contract) for less-than-containerload cargo, plus a Carrier Handling charge of $250.

For Carrier Loaded cargo, Carrier shall not load more than set forth above.  If Shipper delivers cargo which exceeds such weight limit, Carrier shall load up to the limit allowed, and any excess cargo shall be handled as set forth above, subject to a maximum charge equal to the Carrier Loaded FCL rate for the equipment onto which the cargo is loaded.

This rule does not apply to non-containerized cargo.  Rates may also be subject to Special Handling charges.