Rule 2.15: Use of Items of International Trade Commodity Description


Publication Date: 06/24/2022

Effective Date: 07/24/2022

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Amendment Code: C, E, A

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Rule 2.15: Use of Items of International Trade Commodity Description

Items used in the shipment of merchandise in international traffic that enter the commerce of a nation strictly for use in transportation, thereafter to be reused and exported (not consumed) are hereby designated as 'instruments of international traffic' or 'items of international trade'. Examples include but are not limited to pallets, milk crates, bread trays, empty drums, empty cylinders, knocked down boxes, empty 5-gallon plastic bottles (for use in water dispensers), racks, boat cradles, empty containers, lift vans, cargo vans, shipping tanks, skids, caul boards, and cores for textile fabrics.

Items of international trade that were used in a prior loaded movement with the Carrier and are being returned to the original port of export shall move at rates applicable in the Carriers' tariff. Should a rate not exist under Items of International Trade the Carrier will waive ocean freight charges and assess only the applicable assessorial charges as prescribed by the rules and regulations in Carrier's Governing Tariff of Applicability for the container size used to return the items.

Full containerload rates for items of international trade will include South Florida drayage to receiver's facility when the same container is booked for a subsequent export shipment with the Carrier where drayage will be applied to the new export shipment. (C, E, A) Expires

All items of international trade are exempt from General Rate Increases (GRI) or General Rate Decreases (GRD) as filed by the Carrier.